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        Thanks to Dennis Pilon for his mention of High Park Society’s single “On Your Mind” “Toronto’s High Park Society are clearly vibing The Smiths with “On Your Mind” and that’s Ok by me. From the horn section to the confessional vocals, the tune trips along in a most pleasant way.” Dennis […]

Welcome 2021 Hoping for All Things Better!

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  Welcome 2021! And we are all hoping that this is a great year to come. Just a quick post to start the new year with positivity toward a great start, where we can leave 2020 behind and get back to normal. Continue to stay safe, and continue to do the things you love. High […]

A Different Kind of Christmas Carol – Home for Christmas

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                  Its Christmastime … and the world is a flurry of music about caroling, laughing in the snow, Santa Claus, and? Well, I found it hard to find songs that were a bit off this beaten path.  Songs about people that struggle during the holidays.  Songs about […]

Remember: Not Everyone is Holly and Jolly at Christmas

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            Christmas is generally a wonderful time with family and friends, gatherings and fun. But we should always consider what it may mean for some of those that find it hard to deal with the holidays. There are many that struggle with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or an overload to […]

We need music, now more than ever!

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          This is something I’ve been hearing a lot lately, and I think it’s true. Given the current state of affairs with COVID-19, I think its really hard on all of us. We have to manage our lives completely differently – given family and work commitments. It’s in times like these […]

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