Are you a child of the 70s?  Well, I am.  And it really makes me wonder …

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It makes me wonder where the time went. It makes me wonder how kids back then are now grown adults, with our own families and leading careers, if not entire nations.  The 70s generation is now, in the 2020s, a highlight of maturity.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t go quite that far.  It just made me think that, with a sardonic smile to myself, of how the kids that played by themselves outside until well after dark, that drove in cars without seat belts, and that breathed in second-hand smoke from our parents, managed to make it to our 40s and 50s, and now are leaders of industry, politics and our own families.  I expect that is the way with every generation, but now that I’m at this life-stage it still seems strange – seems like I’m still the same kid from way back then.

That was the thinking behind “70s Child” by High Park Society.  A song with a nod to the hard-rock of the era, but tempered with the thought of both nostalgia and a glance to the future that is within the grasp of Gen-X.

The version of the track is currently unavailable for sale and streaming (though an earlier version is around), but is available on the new High Park Society EP   “Letters”. It’s High Park Society’s latest album and it’s full of tunes that mix classic rock and 80s alternative that I think you’ll enjoy.

Talk soon.

Frank Babic, High Park Society.

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