General Info …

Located in Mississauga, Ontario CANADA. Formed in 2015.

Founding member Frank Babic (Vocals, Guitar, Pianos, Keys, Bass)

All music composed and performed by Frank Babic, with contributing musicians as noted.

Contributing Musicians include:  On Your Mind – djmagic85 on trumpet, Emily Dolan Davies on drums; When Bowie Died – taranplamondon on english horn; Indecision – JorgeTrumpet on trumpet; 70s Child – Emily Dolan Davies on drums; You Won’t See Me – Scott Fairbain on bass, Emily Dolan Davies on drums.

All music mixing/mastering by André Mina.

The story so far …

The roots of High Park Society took hold in Frank Babic’s lifelong love of well-orchestrated, catchy New Wave and moody modern rock music by artists like The Cure, The Housemartins and David Bowie and expert lyricists like Lou Reed and Morrissey. He began to formally study organ at an early age and, eager to express his own ideas and put his observations to music, also picked up guitar and voice. Eager to collaborate with others, he started playing in bands in high school, fine-tuning his technique and artistic ethos. While at university studying Civil Engineering, he began to play with an R&B/soul band called Soulhammer and a three-piece rock band and became fascinated by the many unexpected ways the individual voices of instruments can come together. He began work at that time developing home-made demos with both four-track and computer recording, and started to learn about the finer points of recording, mixing and production through both formal and self-study.

As he pursued work as a professional engineer, Frank picked up with several in the local bands in early 2010 as a lead guitarist and songwriter. His drive to play music led him to pursue a career as a professional engineer in acoustics, noise and vibration engineering, where he has remained for over 20 years. It was his professional career that also brought him back to the excitement of the recording studio where High Park Society was born, out of his desire to create classic rock and ‘80s alternative with a twist. Frank has also used this project to connect through the power of technology with other songwriters, musicians and artists from around the globe who regularly contribute to his recordings.