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High Park Society’s evoking music takes over the nostalgia that has been making a buzz for some time, as the music brings with it a new wave styling of jazz, mixed in with the 80’s to 90’s era of the melodic kind of the alternative rock and pop feel – Natalie Perez, Skope.


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The roots of High Park Society took hold in a lifelong love of well-orchestrated, catchy New Wave and moody modern rock music by artists like The Smiths, The Cure, The Housemartins and David Bowie and expert songwriters like Lou Reed and Morrissey. It was a desire to bring back the excitement of creating a combination of classic rock and ‘80s alternative with a twist that High Park Society was born.

The songs on the EP flow from the lead single “On Your Mind”, as a song about trying to understand those that you love, even when difficult decisions have to be made; to the Retro 80s style of “Indecision” with its old-school rock vocals, on making the decision to leave your single life behind; to a tribute to our musical muses who have passed on, including David Bowie, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen with “When Bowie Died”; to “(I Don’t Want To Go) Home for Christmas” as a flowing orchestral piece with soft, sad lyrics that evoke a sense of longing for individuals that are not comfortable with the season’s festivities; and lastly to “70’s Child” as a tribute to the Gen-X generation that has all grown up now.

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