The Incomparable Emily Dolan Davies!

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This was the photo that I saw on when I was looking for a drummer on my track. It was the photo that said to me  “Hey, this is the drummer for you!


This is Emily Dolan Davies at; a professional session and touring drummer that I’ve worked with over the past couple years.  She’s laid down drums on my songs “On Your Mind”, “70s Child” and the unreleased Beatles cover “You Won’t See Me”.   What has been great about this collaboration is the ability to meet and work with such great talent from around the world (I’m in Canada and she’s from the UK).

Emily is setup with her own drum studio to track drums from basic songs I send her, which allows me to then build upon them to the finished tracks that you can get here. She is also a touring drummer with such acts as Brian Ferry, The Darkness, Howard Jones, Kim Wilde, Tricky and Thompson Twins – just to name a few. This experience of real-world session playing brings an amazing caliber of musicianship to her work on High Park Society’s music.

Check out the video of Emily laying down tracks for the High Park Society songs below. Can’t wait to work together again soon!

Frank Babic, High Park Society



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