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Everyone loves the Beatles – right!?   We’ll, there’s probably a majority of the population that at least like their songs (and I’m not going into the Stones vs. Beatles argument here). High Park Society is most definitely influenced by the Beatles. This was through my first music lessons, where my organ teacher told me about her as a little girl listening to them in the 60s. Then, making me play a variety of hits from our songbook over and over again.   I think it made an impression, because with High Park Society it comes up again and again as a major influence in the music.

So, I thought I’d take a moment and consider my top Beatles songs (in no particular order), and why/how these songs may have influenced my music.

You Won’t See Me

This was part of my high school band repertoire. I always remembered it as a really cool groove. I came back to it when I wanted to do a Beatles cover for High Park Society, and have been able to record my own cover (currently unreleased).  My version is a mix between the Beatles and the Anne Murray version (as a nod to my Canadian background), which John Lennon liked better than theirs.

All My Loving

This was one from the organ songbook, which I’d played many times to my teacher’s delight.


Another one from the organ songbook.  This was great to see the mix of French and English in the same song (coming from Canada as a bilingual nation).


When Frank Sinatra says that this is “the greatest love song of the past 50 years”, you know its a great song.  Though he did mistakenly introduced it as a Lennon/McCartney song.  An amazing use of a descending bass pattern which you find a lot of in George Harrison’s writing (like in My Guitar Gently Weeps).

Day Tripper

Probably the best Beatles guitar riff around.  This has been a great warm up for me since learning to play guitar.


Yet another one from the organ songbook.  It was a favourite whenever I had to perform for family when I was young.


One of the first finger-picking acoustic guitar songs I was able to learn to play.

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

I loved playing this one around the campfire for friends.  It has an unusual key progression, which changes from E Mixolydian to E Dorian (music-geek speak about the flavour of how it changes from verse to chorus).

A Hard Day’s Night

Probably the best opening chord of any song out there. Period.

A Day In The Life

Probably the best end chord of any song out there – with three pianos playing the final E chord.  I took this idea for my cover of You Won’t See Me, starting it on a hard A chord, dreaming of the end of A Day In the Life would move into You Won’t See Me in the studio.


Until next time!

Frank Babic, High Park Society

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