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We are grateful to Indie Spoonful and A&R Factory for reviewing the High Park Society song “Indecision”.

Here’s the review by Sylvie Marie (Mar 10, 2017) from Indie Spoonful:

With lots of positive vibes, a touch of retro, some classic new wave and hints of nostalgia, High Park Society is an alt-pop studio music project that kicked off in 2015. Songwriter and composer, Frank Babic performs the majority of the instruments including, vocals, piano, guitar and bass.  In addition to Frank’s input, High Park Society is a collaboration with Jorge Trumpet (on trumpet) and other studio musicians as needed. The song, “Indecision,” written by Frank Babic, was a catalyst in defining High Park Society’s sound which can be described as catchy 80’s retro with old school rock vocals, drawing influences from artist such as The Beatles and the Beach Boys.  Since “Indecision” is the song that kicked off this music project, it is definitely a great way to introduce yourself to the genre-blending, unique and fun sound that High Park Society offers.

Indecision” starts off with a fun and funky guitar intro with light syncopation that brings in the bass and drums. The instrumental arrangement immediately gets you engaged – you’ll be grooving along from the start. With the entrance of the first verse, the vocals and vocal harmonies immediately take you back, adding that touch of nostalgia and a feel-good tingle all over. Franks voice has a nice pop quality making it easy to relate to.  With the combination of excellent musicianship and catchy melodies, “Indecision,” is a song that anybody can vibe out to.

The structure of the song is verse-chorus/verse-chorus/instrumental/ verse-chorus (after the second chorus, there is an instrumental break played on trumpet). In the music world, we would call this structure A-B-A-B-C-A-B.  In the first verse, Frank sings “Indecision’s got the best of me in my life.  Indecision’s got a hold of me tonight.  And it always seems so right to do, but that was just before I saw you.” Then each additional verse begins by giving a different depiction of how indecision has affected his life and each verse ends on an uplifting note by saying he no longer has that problem as he has said “yes” to the right person,  the best decision he ever made.  The chorus is a simple and inviting, “Ba ba ba ba” making it irresistible to sing-a-long to.  Mid way through listeners are treated to a trumpet solo which is unusual in pop music, but completely works with High Park Society’s sound.  The solo is played in an upper register presenting well above the mix with strong melodic content.

High Park Society delivers a top-notch musical experience with their single “Indecision.” This retro 80s style song will have you falling in love and singing along with easy to relate to nostalgic vocals, outstanding musicianship and catchy melodies.  There is no doubt that the talent and time Frank Babic has put into defining, writing and collaborating on his art has paid off.

And here’s the review by Aly Mchugh (1th April 2017) from A&R Factory:

High Park Society takes us on a musical journey, throwing back to 1980’s romance. With elements of The Kinks and The Smiths, retro old-school rock singer Frank Babic delivers an innate expertise that is enriched with opulent depth, a trope in indie music that victoriously fills the missing gaps. ‘Indecision’ mediates the theme of nostalgia, and with mellow undertones throughout the track, gratifies all means of happiness and appreciation.

Despite the fact the song describes the notion of moving on from single life, the funky melody creates a chirpy disposition and focuses on the ideal of spiritual happiness rather than congenial romance. The compassion behind Frank Babic’s vocals recreates a jubilant sensation, allowing us as the listener to capture the moment he so adequately is generating. “Indecisions got a hold of me tonight/And it always seemed so right to do/But that was just before I saw you” Babic swoons over a gentle brass trumpet and a feathered guitar strum, “Indecision stole my soul from me for the last time”. The buoyant jazzy instrumentals set a state of quixotic euphoria, and whilst the soft rhythm of the drums lead a melody of lust, Babic’s wistful vocals drives the song into a luminous oblivion.

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